Cleansing for Wellness

Article courtesy of Dr. Claire Morris, ND.  Visit her at ClaireMorrisND.com.

The fastest way to transform your health is to do a cleanse.

There are many types of cleanses available…some formatted to cleanse the colon, kidneys, lungs and blood either separately or collectively.  There are also cleanses that call for fasting, juicing or eating raw.  Maybe all that sounds too complicated or too much like work.  Wait, before you decide to quit before even starting, here are a few things to ponder.

We are in contact with toxins every day. Poor quality water, chemicals in personal care products, medications, food additives and preservatives along with environmental pollutants are a few of the toxins our bodies are exposed to regularly.  Toxins in our systems can cause chronic health conditions, fatigue and even obesity.  With constant exposure stressing the immune system, the body’s defenses break down.  It has been known that cleansing helps with the removal of toxic build-up.  

A good cleanse will not only remove the disease causing toxins but increase energy, improve regularity and immunity, aid in stress management and promote weight loss.  The amount of toxic overload is proportional to exposure and age.  That means the more toxic you are, the longer and possibly more difficult the cleansing process.

Internal cleansing works by using the body’s own systems and a proper diet (possibly herbs or minerals) to pull those toxins from different areas of the body then flush them out using the systems of elimination.  

There are also many herbs and supplements created to support cleansing and detoxification of the body.  Milk thistle is good to cleanse and regenerate the liver.  Dandelion is great for the kidneys.  Zinc chelates out nickel (which has an affinity for the prostate).  Doctors have used chelation (pronounced- key lay shun) for the removal of heavy metals.  If you feel you are extremely toxic, it may be best to cleanse one system at a time.

Diet is important during and after cleansing.  You should consume raw, unprocessed foods – mostly organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Actually, we should eat that way all the time.  Internal cleansing is important for good health, but educate yourself, and it is a good idea to consult with your doctor or a healthcare practitioner before starting.

Wouldn’t you like to experience better health and attain a new level of wellness?  There’s no better time and you can be part of the Transformation of a Nation.




Originally published 6/20/12

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