Gout Relief

Article courtesy of Dr. Claire Morris, ND.  Visit her at ClaireMorrisND.com.

Ouch!  Gout pain, the sharp stabbing pain and inflammation can be quite debilitating.  If you’ve experienced it you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The most common symptom is the big toe, beginning with acute pain which becomes tender, hot and swollen within few hours.  Gout can affect any joint.  It is the build up of uric acid crystals in the joint and when the joint moves it feels like glass is sticking you in that joint.

Gout has become a big enough problem that you see television advertisements for a new pharmaceutical helping control the production of uric acid in the blood.  Uric acid is a product of metabolism.  This is particularly common in people who do not produce enough digestive enzymes.  Uric acid is not harmful but when levels are elevated it causes problems.  It may also be an indicator of poor kidney function.  Diet needs to be addressed.  Gout is a by-product of certain foods but the Standard American Diet is not conducive to healthy levels either.

Foods to avoid include certain fish, fried foods, rich foods such as cakes and pies, refined flour and sugar, alcohol, caffeine and the amino acid glycine.  Gout at one time in history was a rich man’s ailment.  When eating use digestive enzymes, some people find raw apple cider vinegar is beneficial in digestion.

Gout symptoms may be relieved in a couple of days with the help of cherries or cherry juice.  Cherries are anti-inflammatory.  They also dissolve the uric acid crystals.  But cherries aren’t the only things that help with gout strawberries and blueberries also neutralize the uric acid.  Herbs for gout include: boswellin, turmeric, bilberry(blueberry), celery seed, devil’s claw, yucca, hyssop and burdock.

Men have a greater risk of developing gout.  The risk for women increases after menopause.  Truth is with our diet any one could experience gout.  If it strikes you try a raw fruit and vegetable diet for two weeks.  Juicing is best, when returning to a moderate menu add the enzymes.  Remember gout pain is just a symptom of what is really wrong…your diet.  Wheat grass or alfalfa tablets are good for reducing serum uric acid.  You are not drug deficient.  Help your body heal.  Give it what it needs and have a gout free season.

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